ShowBox APP Download for Android 2019: Install Latest v5.24

Movies and series have been entertaining us for years, with more people than ever being hooked to the silver screen. The ShowBox APP is one of the latest ways to bring all the entertainment you need directly to you on the road or at home with all the portable ways you can now download and stream your favorite movies.

With millions of users already on the bandwagon, ShowBox is becoming more popular by the day. Streaming all you favorite movies is now made easier and finding some of the older classics is as simple as touching a button. New releases are added on a daily basis and this also makes it much easier to follow the expanding library and be the first to watch some of the latest movies from around the world.

What makes ShowBox so special is that you no longer need to deal with annoying ads that pop up constantly when playing your favorite movies. No subscription fees are paid and ShowBox won’t ask you for any of your personal details, adding to the peace of mind and reducing any possibilities of your details being stolen.

Downloading is also simplified and you don’t need to search all around the web for those specific HD movies. Simply download the app and watch the trailers of the movies you would like and you an download it or watch it online depending on your liking. You can bring Hollywood directly to your doorstep and save money from Premium Subscription brands.

How to Download ShowBox on Android?

Android is definitely the most popular platform used for ShowBox. Not only can you use it with your mobile devices, but even your Android TV can have the ShowBox APP if you have the right internet connection to help you. Download ShowBox for any of your Android devices by using these simple and effective steps:

Step 1: Download the Showbox Apk

The first thing you need to do is to head to the homepage and scroll to the Android section. This should not take you much longer than a minute. The Download button should be indicated quite clearly in a large box. It will take you to the latest version of the ShowBox app and you can easily download the latest version.

Step 2: Enable Third Party Apps

Once downloaded, you will see a notification in the notifications bar. If this is the first time you are downloading and APK file, it might let you know you cant install APK, as third party app installations have been disabled. If you see this, you should not worry, as this can be really easy to change and enable for your device.

In the settings section, you will find a setting called Security. However, this might vary from device to device and can often also be called Backup & Security. Here, you will notice the unknown sources setting that needs to be disabled. It might warn you of potentially harmful third party apps, but you can rest assured that the ShowBox app is 100% safe and is constantly checked for potential malware or other infections.

Step 3: Review the permissions set

As with any other application, the process now is simple and you need to review all of the permission that can be set or change for your application. Giving the app as many permissions as possible, will enable it to run smoothly. Reducing some of them could potentially frustrate you when you have lagging or problems, but cannot find the source. It is recommended to accept and give permission to the app.

Step 4: Enjoy:

After reviewing all of the permissions and the app is successfully install, you can simply open the app and you will be ready to use it. However, use it carefully as you might find it really addictive once you see the massive library of new series and top new movies that your friends have not seen yet. Yes, it is as easy as that.

ShowBox Features:

ShowBox is not simply a streaming app or an app to browse and watch your movies. It offers users so much more to enhance their viewing pleasure. If you have not used the ShowBox app yet, you can be surprised by many of them. Here are a few of the top features that you can expect to use with the ShowBox app:

Quality Images:

ShowBox offers every user the opportunity to stream their favorite shows in their desired quality level. If you don’t have as much bandwidth, streaming at lower quality levels will still help you watch the latest movies.

Library Size:

ShowBox not only caters to your new movies, but almost every old movie has been captured in this library for you to download. Series and TV Shows have been included with easy to use folder containing every season ever made.

Instantly Available:

Why should you wait for files to download in the 21st Century? ShowBox offers you instant access to all the latest movies and series. You simply need to have an internet connection and you can start streaming all of your favorites in one go.

Subtitles and Multilingual:

Have you ever wished you can stream all of your favorite movies with your subtitles to understand it a little better? ShowBox makes this possible and the massive library contains movies in all languages from around the world. No need to only focus on the mainstream of Hollywood anymore.

Free Forever:

ShowBox will be free forever and you don’t need to deal with signing up or adding a bit of your private information. No membership fees or monthly subscriptions is needed to actually use the ShowBox app and this will remain like this forever.

Downloads Are Easy:

If you don’t have the available internet connection to constantly stream all of your favorite movies, you can simply download them and watch them later. Take your app to a Wi-Fi area and start downloading your favorite shows to be watched later on at your leisure.

Bugs And Fixes That Have Been Encountered:

ShowBox might be near perfect, but not without potential bugs that could frustrate you a little. Since the release, there have been a couple of bugs, but all of these have been fixed and here is a short list of the top bugs you don’t need to deal with if you download the app right now and find the latest version for your device:

  • Force quitting: This is quite a common problem and it happens to numerous apps that we use everyday. If ShowBox forces this upon you, it is much easier to simply exit the app and clear the cache.
  • Lagging: If it does lag and you have a few problems that cannot be traced back to your own root of internet, you should try disabling the adblocker for some time. It is something that does work occasionally. This is mostly until the data has been downloaded.
  • Favorites Bug: If you choose one of the older versions, you might be hit with this bug. Your favorite shows might keep duplicating, but as of the latest updates, this has been rectified for your enjoyment.
  • No Video: This is not a common problem, but occasionally happens to many people when the exit a Wi-Fi zone. You simply need to reactivate you own personal mobile data and you can continue watching.

Bugs will always happen with the modernization of technology, many flaws are not always detected. However, we have an efficient team that will help you sort out these flaws in the shortest time possible and get you ready and streaming in virtually no time at all.

Is it Legal? – Our Take
Debate is still going on about the legitimacy of streaming your favorite movies and series without paying for them. However, this is not something that will have a conclusion anytime soon and since you are not paying any subscription fees, you might be worried that it is illegal to actually stream all of your favorites on your mobile device. While it is a piracy app, it still does not violate all the rules of the world. It is perfectly “ok” to use in most Asian countries, but might violate rules in countries like the USA, Canada, Europe, and China. With no licensing, ShowBox can actually provide these movies for free, but you need not worry as it is perfectly safe to use and no malware is ever uploaded to the libraries. If it is illegal in your country, you can simply use proxy or VPN services and no one will know that you are using it. In reality, nothing is ever 100% safe and ShowBox scans all of their files before uploading them to the system. However, it is recommended to have your own malware scanner or antivirus program added to ensure everything remains 100% safe.